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Can children outgrow their allergies?

Unfortunately, no. Although children with allergies can learn to avoid their triggers, repeated exposure may continue to cause a reaction.

What causes hay fever? Is it hay?

Many things can cause hay fever. Hay fever is another name for upper respiratory allergies, also known as allergic rhinitis, outdoor allergies, and seasonal (occurring only at certain times of the year).

Are allergies hereditary?

Heredity plays an important role in allergies. If parents have allergies, it’s more likely that their kids will have them too, but they might be allergic to different things. If both parents have allergies, the chances of their child having allergies are higher than if only one parent has allergies.

Are all allergic reactions the same?

There’s really no way to accurately predict how a person will react after each exposure to a particular allergen. Their reaction could be the same, but it could also be worse or even milder than the time before.

Will moving to a drier climate help my allergies?

Allergies will not necessarily go away if you move to a drier climate, or to the desert. Your allergies might even be worse, because some allergenic plants thrive in these dry environments.

If I move away from a place with my allergy triggers, will my allergies go away?

Even if you move to a new place, your inherited tendency to produce allergic antibodies may cause you to have reactions to new allergens — instead of escaping your triggers, you may just have a new set of different allergy triggers. Talk to your healthcare professional before considering a change of location to manage your allergies.